Police Pre-join Training

Police Pre-join Training

Certificate in Knowledge of Policing
Distance Learning

KBR specialises in delivering Distance Learning for the Certificate in Knowledge of Policing (CKP) Training - the CKP is a National Level 3 qualification introduced by the College of Policing in 2012 as a pre join requirement, initially for the Metropolitan Police Service, although several other police forces are now considering it as a pre join requirement. The course includes legislation, national policy and processes required to be a police officer and it is undertaken in the person's own time.

The College of Policing. developed the CKP curriculum and also maintains the register of Approved Providers. KBR was the very first Approved Provider after it won the contract to deliver CKP training to 150 Metropolitan Police Graduates in 2013. Since becoming an Approved Provider, KBR has trained over 1,000 students' who want to become police officers.

You must have the CKP Certificate from an Approved Provider if you want to join the Metropolitan Police Service and increasingly, other Police Forces across England and Wales.

KBR employ experienced ex Police trainers to assist you whilst undertaking our distance learning courses. We are working with the College of Policing and OCR (Oxford Cambridge and RSA Examinations) to deliver high-calibre accredited courses leading to the CKP Certificate for individuals who want to join the Metropolitan Police Service in 2015. OCR recently stated:

'The submissions that you have provided are always of the highest quality and at our standardisation meeting today, your evidence was held up as what others should aspire to.'

Please note: As is the same with all CKP courses, successful completion will not guarantee you an interview for the role of police constable or employment as a police constable.

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